You Never Meant Much EP

by Dearth

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Recorded by Fred Sladkey at Mudskipper Studios, Arlington, MA 2008


released August 25, 2008



all rights reserved


Dearth Haverhill, Massachusetts

n. An inadequate supply; scarcity; lack

Alex Aro - Vocals
Bobby Hoffman - Guitar
Mike Labelle - Bass
Eric Beaubien - Drums

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Track Name: Gears (Feat. Alex Belisle/Recon)
These wires have taken over me
Controlling how I breathe
Wires that think for me
I am not myself

How can you stand to be a number?
How can you stand to be controlled?
The gears inside are turning
I'm ripping these wires free

Get out while you still can
Before you're mechanical
With the little control of thoughts you have
Before you're mechanical

Find your own escape
Track Name: Modern Horrors
The machine walks away
Denying its creator
In a search for something more than this
We built this machine to think and breathe
To eat and sleep for us

We've become empty shells of our former selves
One thousand years of progress
This is what we've become

The machine is so far away now
When will we ever learn to live?
It's modern horrors
Track Name: The Famine
I'm so fucking hungry, so fucking weak
I can't remember the last time I ate
The last time I felt something more to being alive

No, you never understand the hunger

I can't remember the last time I've ever been in such need
I can't remember the last time I've felt so frail
I pray for water, but you brought the flames

In pale fields
I stand to die
In waking misery
I stand to die

You never understand
Track Name: You Never Meant Much
On paper I am a pallid palette
Your kiss took my colors away
I gave you all, I gave you more than I had
But that wasn't enough

I can say you never meant much
But you meant everything
You meant everything

I've found a way to kill the poison
I've found a way to dissolve
Track Name: Conversations With A Ghost
I've been calling you for far too long now
Without an answer
The empty spaces in me will never be filled
Where are you?

I still can't hear you
I don't think I ever will

I've been calling for far too long
Empty replies, empty replies
It's time to move on